Bastian Koetsier

Bastian Koetsier

Software Engineer

Hi, I am Bastian Koetsier, a Software Engineer from Berlin. With my passion for technology and learning new stuff, I always try to push projects forward and to think outside the box focussing on the bigger picture.

When I am not working, I am the father of two sons, football enthusiast and Gamer.

Work Experiences

Principal Engineer


OneFootball GmbH

  • Individual Contributor (Golang)
  • Establishing Engineering Best Practices
  • Managing technical debt and refactoring legacy code
  • Mentorship & Pair-Programming
  • Architectual Advisor / Reviewer
  • CI/CD with Github Actions
  • Infrastructure as Code with Terraform
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Berlin / Remote

Staff Engineer


Hellofresh SE AG

  • Individual Contributor (Go, Kotlin, Python)
  • Test-Driven-Development Workshops
  • Modernising legacy Applications
  • Mentorship & Pair-Programming
  • Architectual Advisor / Reviewer
  • CI/CD with Github Actions
  • Infrastructure as Code with Terraform
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Kafka based Architectures
Berlin / Remote

Teamlead Engineering / Senior Fullstack Developer


Lendis GmbH

  • Architectural Decisions and Project Planning
  • Mentorship & Pair-Programming
  • Quarterly Staff Reviews
  • Serverless API using Node.js / Typescript hosted on AWS Lambda and API Gateway
  • Infrastructure-as-Code with the AWS Cloud Development Kit
  • DynamoDB Database as Datastore
  • Single-Page-Apps using React.js / Typescript hosted on AWS Cloudfront
  • Legacy Backend-API with Laravel Framework
  • Designing using Tailwind CSS
  • Continuous-Integration and -Delivery using Github Actions
  • Application Interviews & Profile Reviews

Fullstack Developer

2015 - Present

Self-Employed (part time)

  • Building REST-APIs based on Laravel (PHP) and Go(lang)
  • Continuous Integration/Deployment
  • Test-Driven-Development
  • Single-Page-Apps with Vue.js
  • Tailwind CSS, Bootstrap
  • Webpack Module-Bundling
  • Kubernetes Deployment
Berlin / Remote

Backend Chapter-Lead / Backend Developer (Go)


Hellofresh SE AG

  • Mentorship & Pair-Programming
  • Architectual Advisor / Reviewer
  • Individual Contributor for Go(lang) based Microservices
  • Driving Best-Practices
  • Migration from Monoliths to Microservices in Go(lang)
  • CI/CD using Concourse
  • Infrastructure as Code with Terraform
  • Consul Service Discovery
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • RabbitMQ Queueing System
Berlin / Remote

Software Engineer (PHP)

2014 - 2016

bytepark GmbH

  • Client projects based on symfony2, Zend Framework 2 and Laravel 4/5
  • Quality assurance with PHPUnit, phpmd, phpcpd
  • Continuous Integration with jenkins CI server
  • Development environments based on docker and vagrant
  • Ansible provisioning

Senior Technical & SEO Consultant

2013 - 2014


  • SEO-Consulting for Clients (On-Site-Optimization)
  • Software development for internal tools based on Laravel 4

PHP Developer

2011 - 2013

Media Blue GmbH

  • Building Web Applications in „Vanilla“ PHP
  • Developing Wordpress Plugins and Themes
  • Further Development of the Online Shop based on osCommerce
Neuenkirchen, NRW
Bastian Koetsier

I can help with the following:

  • Back-end development with PHP(Laravel) or Go(lang)
  • Designing the application architecture
  • Improving performance of web apps
  • Increase application stability through automated testing

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